Astrology is much more than an ancient science.  It is the discovery of one’s self, the secrets of your soul. It provides a means to understanding self and others and the relationships between people.  Husband, wife, children, friends, family and colleagues.

It offers you a glimpse into the future, into love, work, destinations, your spiritual journey and into the unknown…

Once your journey has begun you’ll never see your life the same again.

Harlee’s Astrology reports offer a unique and detailed description into who you are, your soul’s journey, your talents and challenges. 

  • A personally hand drawn chart, giving insights into yourself and situations. This is where the Magick happens. You can’t get these insights from a computer program. *All hand drawn charts are drawn by Harlee herself.
  • A Report containing the insights.
  • A 1 hour to 1.5 hour in person or Skype/phone consultation. If you live local, Harlee would prefer face to face consultations.

For more information on the Readings available, please visit work with me.

The Stars of Hydra

“She who follows her conscious passion, is led along the Serpentine Path to Power.  The Stars of Hydra, Alphard: the heart of the Serpent was her Heliacal Rising, with the Sun, forever shining, carrying the wisdom but was capable of striking, into the hearts of those deceiving, leaving them forever bleeding.  She, the Snake Goddess, Hydra”.

Written by Harlee Gifford,

My Heliacal Rising Fixed Star – Alphard


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